As the result of the construction, the exterior of the Water Tower in Brenner Park in Szombathely has changed significantly, and the technical handover of the project has been completed.

The work which started in 2019 on the project entitled “the development of the Water Tower and its surroundings in Brenner Park in Szombathely for tourism purposes” has been completed. The investment was implemented by HOMLOK Zrt, by the order of the Municipality of Szombathely.

Like the renovation of the Gallery project, the modernization of the Water Tower has now become not only timely but also essential. In the last forty years or so, the lack of conservation has caused serious damage to the locally protected industrial building, which is a valuable element of the city’s architectural heritage. The 55-meter-high water tower was built in 1926 with a reinforced concrete support structure and an 800-cubic-meter reinforced concrete aquifier pool, however, its use ceased completely in 1978. In addition to the preservation interventions, the building has been completely renovated, so it can be part of the tourist life of the city.

As the months passed, and the construction work progressed, visitors were able to discover a spectacular transformation to the building. Homlok Zrt. renovated not only the Water Tower itself, but also developed the space around it.

The Water Tower has been completely renovated from the outside, the facade and facade painting have been finished, the curtain wall and the new doors and windows have also been installed, the terrace and the block staircase have also been completed. Concreting of the roof slabs on the ground floor and above the floor, as well as the roof slab of the two observation decks were also completed.

The surface treatment work carried out on the part of the water space was also spectacular for the public, which were reported also in the local media.

The project entitled “Development of the Water Tower and its surroundings for tourism purposes” was implemented within the framework of the tender of Territorial and Settlement Development OP.