HOMLOK Zrt. has a range of special machines of different types, performance levels, and equipment to carry out its construction activities:

  • Two-way rotary excavators
  • Front loaders
  • Chain rotary excavators
  • Rubber-wheel rotary excavators
  • Universal excavator
  • Vibratory soil compactors
  • Tandem vibratory rollers
  • Compact excavator with rubber tracks

The following equipment has been sourced using funding obtained through the tender “Technological modernization and efficiency improvement of the construction industry (2019/1.)” announced by the Ministry for Innovation and Technology.

  • Caterpillar M318 F rubber-wheel rotary excavator
  • Caterpillar CS64B vibratory soil compactor
  • CAT CB 2.7 Tandem vibratory roller
  • Atlas 1604 ZW railway excavator with adapters

Project identification number: ÉPÍTŐ-3.2019.3-2019-00037




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