Components of GEISMAR S2PV machine system technology:

  • PEM-807 XL telescopic handling gantry
  • LEM 460 motorized lifting transportation trolley
  • LMC 4611 motorized lifting transportation caterpillar trolley
  • PWP 808 gantry

Together, they form the S2PV method, which is an innovative and efficient method of laying track panels. To supplement the S2PV technology, we use PWP gantries to move track panels and turnout sections from the trolleys arriving at the work site to the beam. The machinery was manufactured by the French company GEISMAR S.A.S in the year 2020.


  • laying/removing 24-36 m long track panels
  • turnout demolition and laying
  • radio controlled operation, synchronized control
  • machine operators: 3 persons
  • service personnel: 6 persons


  • minimizes lateral and longitudinal deformation during transport;
  • the caterpillar tracks support the laying of tracks on the subbase or protective layer;
  • uses a beam on which the track panel can be laid;
  • maintains the track panel geometry;
  • can lift track panels off of railway cars;
  • suitable for turnout demolition and laying;
  • no assistant track necessary thanks to its caterpillar tracks.

The equipment comprising the technology was made possible with funding obtained through the tender ÉPÍTŐ-4.2019.4 “Technological modernization and efficiency improvement of the construction industry” announced by the Ministry for Innovation and Technology and the Ministry for National Economy.

Project identification number: ÉPÍTŐ-4.2019.4-2019-00211

You can view a video of the technology in action here.



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