The main activity of Homlok Építő Zrt. is railway line construction, renovation, maintenance, and carrying out unique renovation jobs.

The company carries out complex general construction from the design process to the handover, adapting to the needs and requirements of clients. Construction works are managed by highly qualified colleagues, with significant professional experience and technological expertise, who have taken part in several large infrastructure development projects. This experience provides an adequate guarantee for the partners regarding the quality of the work operations. The company’s philosophy is that one can remain competitive and dominant in the market only by providing high-quality operations on the long term.

Besides human resources, the company has all the necessary technological background for ensuring effective work operations and meeting the requirements.

The company has complex assets and machinery, and also strategic partners who can provide further machinery when needed for given operations or projects.

You can read more about the ongoing railway line construction projects and references in the Projects menu.

List of machinery and assets:


  • Two-way rotary excavator 4 pcs
  • Chain rotary excavator 2 pcs
  • Rubber-wheel rotary excavator 1 pcs
  • Rubber-sling rotary excavator 2 pcs
  • Universal excavator 2 pcs


  • Self-loading land dump truck 2 pcs
  • Dump truck 2 pcs
  • Trailer 1 pcs


  • Drum 1 pcs
  • Compressor 1 pcs
  • Forklift 1 pcs

Small equipment:

  • Rail cutter 5 pcs
  • Rail drill 2 pcs
  • Handheld impact wrench 2 pcs
  • Petrol-engine screwdriver 8 pcs
  • Vibroplates 4 pcs
  • Combustion-engine tamper 6 pcs
  • Railroad tie drill 2 pcs

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