As a company with roots in Szombathely, the management of Homlok Zrt. is committed to sports, more precisely supporting local sport life and sports talents. Their philosophy is as follows: “We believe in sports, and we believe in performance.” With this in mind, they place a heavy emphasis on the area mostly affected by their business and headquarters, the sports life of Szombathely, in order to sponsor local sports communities.

One of the main areas of sponsoring is football, so at the beginning of 2019, the company concluded an advertisement contract with Szombathelyi Haladás Labdarúgó és Sportszolgáltató Kft. According to the agreement, just like in 2018, the construction company continues to sponsor the work of the football club, celebrating its 100 th anniversary, in 2019, and supports the accomplishment of professional goals and ideas drawn up by the Club.


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