The renovation for tourism purposes of the severely damaged Gallery of Szombathely have begun in October 2019, so the work is slowly approaching halftime.

The museum building, which was transmitted in 1985, has not undergone any major renovation over the past 35 years, so not only has the building deteriorated by now, but it has not meet the  requirements of the age aesthetically and functionally as well, which caused an increasingly substantial problem for building management. The modernization work began in October last year, just before winter set in, hence there is one year remain to complete the tasks, so the work had to proceed.

Over the past nearly six months, spectacular changes have taken place in the building: at the end of November, the well-known iconic logo has been removed from the façade, roof insulation work has been completed, new aluminium windows have been replaced and façade insulation has been partially completed. The construction of a fire alarm system has also begun as well, wherewith more than 15 workflows are currently taken place in the frame of the implementation of the project. The progress of the works is also indicated by the fact that the characteristic symbol of the Gallery has been restored to its original place, which will be supported by a new lightning.

In the further stage of the construction, the surroundings and the external landscape of the museum will be arranged, but the interiors will be modernized, and the electrical equipment, internal fire alarm and smoke extraction systems will also be renovated. The work is in progress, according to the preliminary plans, in a good pace, so there are no obstacles expected to the completion of the renovation in autumn.

The progress of the project is also constantly monitored and reported by the local media, which is understandable as the renovation has been anticipated for years.

In addition to the renovation of the former Éva-mill, Szombathely Television also announced the renovation of the Szombathely Gallery; on the footage the roof insulation – which was already carried out by Homlok Zrt. – a can be clearly seen. Click on the link to see the footage of Szombathely Television published on February 20, 2020:

All in all, it can be said that after the completion of the work, a modern Gallery – that meets the requirements of the present age – will be returned to the building management and the visitors.

The renovation of the Szombathely Gallery for tourism purposes is being carried out within the framework of the Regional and Settlement Development Operational Program (TOP) tender.