As part of a comprehensive renovation work, the Kelenföld – Pusztaszabolcs railway line will be rebuilt in several stages, in the reconstruction of which Homlok co. ltd. will also take part.

In the framework of the modernization of the railway track and related facilities of the Ercsi junction (kiz) – Pusztaszabolcs (bez) line section project, Homlok co. ltd. as subcontractor is responsible for the reconstruction of the Iváncsa stop, which work has started last year.

The work process consists of seven phases, of which the first three were completed in 2019 by deadline. As part of this, the first reconstruction of the station’s right track was carried out in the length of 760 meters, and two large-radius detours were also built. In parallel with the first phase, next to the station’s ladder-track, 220 meters of the 250-meter pedestrian platform was completed. The next 30 meters are already the task of year 2020. During the second phase, the endpoint left open line was rebuilt at a length of 1,200 meters, and in the third phase, the endpoint right open line was also rebuilt at a length of 1,200 meters.

However, the project did not stop; this year, the completion of the further phases will take place, whereby the station’s left ladder-track together with the open line left track will be rebuilt and the open line right track will be renewed at the starting point, as well as the endpoint crossing will also be rebuilt.

The open-line left track was already dismantled at the beginning of the year between sections 402 + 50 and 425, furthermore tracks 4 and 5 and detours 4, 6 and 8 were also demolished.

The construction of the track bonding and the construction of the station track on the side facing the starting point, together with the installation of two large-radius detours started in the second half of March. The final track image will be completed by June 30 2020, eliminating significant traffic disruption.

The professional opinion was general that the three phases of the Iváncsa project which were implemented last year, reflects such a quality of work that it can be a guideline for the Hungarian railway construction. We will do our best to maintain this high standard in the further phases!

The entire project will be implemented within the framework of the Integrated Transport Development Operational Program and the European Network Financing Instrument using European Union funds and with the support of the Hungarian State.