Improvement of travel quality of Kisvárda train station, phase 2

Improvement of travel quality of Kisvárda train station, phase 2

Client: MÁV Magyar Államvasutak Zrt.
Contractor: Várda 2017 Konzorcium (Homlok Építő Zrt. – Penta Industry Kft.)
Start of construction works: March, 2018
End of construction works: End of year 2019

Short description of the project:

The development of train station Kisvárda will be carried out in two separate phases. Phase 1 was carried out in 2016 – 2017, and it included the construction of a parking lot with 38 parking spaces between the old station building and the loading area.

Complementing this, in phase 2, track geometry is modified, some tracks will be removed, and a new track 3 is built, together with a life protection fence. The terminal station will be reconstructed, and new (simple and crossing) by-passes will be built using different technologies, with modern locking equipment and switch machines.

A 300 m long island platform will also be constructed between the main tracks, and it will be a high platform, making getting on and off trains easier for the passengers, and improving safe getting about at the station.

The overhead power supply line will also be modified, according to the new track geometry, and new poles and head spans are being constructed. Besides the overhead power supply network, the signalling system will also be reconstructed. Basically, the D 55 Dominó system will be kept, however, it will be complemented by innovations and installations at the station.

Water drainage of the tracks will be provided by a modern infiltration system. The new cable substructure system will be constructed in a way that provides the option for future developments.

As part of the project, a pedestrian-bicycle underpass is also constructed, connecting the central part of town with the industrial area below the tracks. The passenger platform will also be approachable in an accessible way from the underpass.

  • Beruházó:    MÁV Magyar Államvasutak Zrt.

  • Megrendelő:    MÁV Magyar Államvasutak Zrt.

  • Kivitelező:    Várda 2017 Konzorcium (Homlok Építő Zrt. – Penta Industry Kft.)

  • Kivitelés kezdete:    March, 2018

  • Kivitelés várható befejezése:    End of year 2019

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