Szombathely – Kőszeg railway line modernization

Szombathely – Kőszeg railway line modernization

Investor:  Győr – Sopron – Ebenfurti Vasút Zrt.
Customer: Győr – Sopron – Ebenfurti Vasút Zrt.
Contractor: Homlok Zrt.
Start of project: December of 2020
End of project: March of 2022

Brief description of the project:

According to the Business Contract which came into force in December 2020, is to implement the project on the modernization of the Szombathely-Kőszeg railway line and to perform the works specified in the contract of Homlok Zrt.

The project will include the following improvements:

  • Rebuilding railway track superstructures, embedded sieving on open line length of 10.000 vm
  • B+R constructions of bicycle storage at 8 places
  • High platforms constructions at 8 places (Kőszeg Station and 7 stops)
  • Construction of a rain gates on the platforms at 8 places
  • Establishments of a visual information system for passengers at 8 places 
  • Contsructions of road crossings, reconstructions at 16 places.
  • Reconstructions of track network, conversions of safety equipment, construction of a telecommunications network at Kőszeg Station.
  • Construcitons of concrete paved bus roundabout at Kőszeg Station
  • P + R constructions and 2 construction of an artefacts
  • Out of use buildings/ constructions demolitions

For the implementation of the project 15 months are available.

The project will be implemented on the basis of the contract concluded with the customer, GySEV Zrt. using European Union funds and with the support of the Hungarian Government, within the framework of the tenders of the Integrated Transport Development Operational Program.

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