Reconstruction of Szigetvár KITE industrial branch

Reconstruction of Szigetvár KITE industrial branch

Investor: TDE ITS Ltd.
Client: TDE ITS Ltd.
Contractor: Homlok Építő Zrt.
Start of construction: September 2019
Expected completion of construction: 28th of August, 2020

Brief description of the project:


Szigetvár station KITE agricultural industrial branch and industrial area will be rebuilt on behalf of TDE ITS Ltd. A 10-station railway oil discharge equipment required for the railway infrastructure will be built on the industrial site. (the service track network will be renewed, with the establishment of the related track and other elements necessary for operation.)

Homlok Építő Zrt. is the general contractor for the reconstruction of the track network.

Main technical content:

  • reconstruction of the railway network in the length of almost 2 km, starting from the 60th branch of MÁV Zrt;
  • installation of 5 groups of turnouts, of which 2 groups are electric and 3 groups are manual;
  • construction of a reinforced concrete culvert and renovation of a culvert;
  • installation of alternate heating at the turnouts of the main line;
  • LM axle counter will be built as a new safety installation, which is connected to the existing mechanical system;
  • protection against overturning on unloading tracks and the establishment of the telecommunication connection;
  • implementation of the complete space lighting works of the unloader and drinking water supply
  • installation of remediation trays as well as dynamic track scales

Completion of construction work according to the contract: 28th of August 2020.

  • Beruházó:    MÁV Magyar Államvasutak Zrt.

  • Megrendelő:    

  • Kivitelező:    Homlok Építő Zrt.

  • Kivitelés kezdete:    2018

  • Kivitelés várható befejezése:    2020

Projekt rövid ismertetése:

The technical contents of the project include track maintenance operations on the track network of MÁV Zrt., as part of a framework contract. As part of this, Homlok Zrt. carries out servicing and maintenance operations based on two framework contracts:

  • Reconstruction of reinforced concrete bases in the track network of MÁV Zrt. –
    framework contract for the period 2018 – 2020
  • Replacement of cross-ties in the track network of MÁV Zrt. – framework contract for
    the years 2018 – -2020

Based on both framework contracts, the servicing operations of reinforced concrete bases and bore servicing operations, and the replacement of cross-ties in the bypasses, planned for the year 2018, were carried out according to the technical specifications. According to the contract, the operations will continue in the next two years.