Revitalization construction work of Aranypatak

Revitalization construction work of Aranypatak

Investor: Municipality of County-Rank City of Szombathely
Client: Municipality of County-Rank City of Szombathely
Contractor: Homlok Építő Zrt.
Start of construction: January 2019
Expected completion of construction: September 2019

Short description of the project:

In connection with the development of the Sportliget project, the construction works of the Aranypatak revitalization were carried out in a separate project. The banks of Aranypatak have been redesigned, the creek bed has become wider, step-terraces and gravel reefs have been built, and paddles placed in water are providing the access to Lake-Boating.

Main technical content of the project:

  • Ensuring the pedestrian and barrier-free accessibility of the stream in order to strengthen the connection with it, as well as the implementation of opportunities to stay close to the water;
  • Reconstruction and extension of the riverbed, creation of resting terraces, construction of promenades, building necessary pavements and curbs for it, as well as placement of various furnishing objects;
  • As part of this, 1550 m3 of excavation, as well as creation of 2840 m2 of slope and 3100 m2 of horizontal surface in connection with the hydraulic works; evolving 410 m2 of paved area and 471 m2 of grassy surface;
  • Close to nature plantations along the shoreline of the Aranypatak, formation of the stream bed with gravel reefs and fish ramps;
  • In addition to the new pedestrian bridge, development of an alternative route to Lake Boating through stairs and paddles in the water.

The revitalization of Aranypatak is being carried out within the framework of the Regional and Settlement Development Operational Program (TOP) tender. The project had to be implemented within 8 months.

  • Beruházó:    

  • Megrendelő:    Local Administration of the City of Szombathely

  • Kivitelező:    Homlok Zrt.

  • Kivitelés kezdete:    17 January, 2019

  • Kivitelés várható befejezése:    September, 2019

Projekt rövid ismertetése:

As part of the project “Development of Szombathely Sportliget”, the surroundings of Arany creek will also be reconstructed, and running tracks will be established along the creek. Also, a new pedestrian bridge will be constructed across the creek as part of the project.

The bridge will be closed down from vehicle traffic, and will provide accessible traffic for the pedestrians. The primary goal of its construction is o provide a direct connection between the Sportliget and the nearby Csónakázó lake, and also to include the lake in the ever-expanding recreational centre. As part of the project, the structure of the district will also be modified, and with the development of Arany creek, a kind of showcasing area is established, strengthening the connection to the creek and nature. This solution may also provide ideas for other towns and cities with water bodies.