Reconstruction of the Szombathely Gallery

Reconstruction of the Szombathely Gallery

Investor: Municipality of County-Rank City of Szombathely
Client: Municipality of County-Rank City of Szombathely
Contractor: Homlok Építő Zrt.
Start of construction: October 2019
Expected completion of construction: October 2020

Short description of the project:

As part of the reconstruction of the biggest recreational area of Vas county, Szombathelyi Sportliget, with an area of more than six hectares, besides the renovation of existing sports facilities, several new developments will enrich the sports centre. The whole area of the Sportliget is in great need of a renovation, and it was also made necessary by the close location of the city’s other sports facilities, such as Haladás VSE Sporttelep and Csónakázó lake. With the area’s reconstruction, a new, complex, recreational area will be available for the city’s inhabitants by the end of the investment.

As part of the project, the nine sports fields in the area will be renovated and extended. The three small-sized slag football fields and the tennis courts will be renovated, and a completely new slag football field, a paved skating rink and an outdoor fitness area with 9 street workout elements will be constructed. In place of the existing basketball court, a new, modern court will be established, also suitable for streetball. The park will be extended by a new service facility, with a restaurant, a sports tool renting service and a locker room, and common areas for the visitors will be constructed, and several accessibility developments will also be carried out.

The goal of the project, besides the developments, is the better use of green areas. As part of this, in an empty grassy area of nearly 1200 square meters, without any functional role at the moment, a new leisure and showcasing garden will be established, while in an area of app. 3500 square meters to the east of the football courts, a picnic area will be available for hikers and people wishing to relax.

In order to ensure a direct connection between the Sportliget and other nearby recreational areas, the playground “Kalandpark” will be enriched by outdoor and board games, also to be used by adults and the elderly. The promenade along the creek will also be extended, with more than 40 small hills, and curvy trails running between them being constructed, during which nearly 40,000 square meters of green area will be renewed.

  • Beruházó:    Homlok Építő Zrt.

  • Megrendelő:    Municipality of County-Rank City of Szombathely

  • Kivitelező:    Municipality of County-Rank City of Szombathely

  • Kivitelés kezdete:    October 2019

  • Kivitelés várható befejezése:    October 2020

Projekt rövid ismertetése:

Brief description of the project:

The modernist museum building, which was handed over in 1985, has not undergone any significant renovation in the last nearly 35 years, therefore the renovation was opportune. As a result of a public procurement procedure, Homlok Zrt. is implementing the project called “Renovation of the Gallery for Tourism Purposes”. The Gallery building is not only aesthetically but also functionally renewing in the frame of our works.

Main technical content of the project:

  • Roof renovation: replacement of heat and water insulation, revision of rainwater drainage system;
  • Facade renovation: replacement of plinths, facade windows and facade claddings, as well as facade thermal insulation;
  • Electrical renovation: preparation of plans for the new suspended ceiling and external facade lighting on the ground floor and first floor, preparation of decorative facade lighting;
  • Safety systems: review and renewal of fire alarm system, review of lightning protection system, repair of existing smoke extraction system;
  • Interiors: Upstairs museum shop and upstairs exhibition space floor covering replacement, painting repair.
  • Outdoor spaces: arrangement and landscaping of the museum environment.

The renovation of the Szombathely Gallery for tourism purposes is being carried out within the framework of the Regional and Settlement Development Operational Program (TOP) tender. The project has to be implemented within 12 months.