3rd track construction between Eastern Railway Station - Kőbánya Upper Railway Station

3rd track construction between Eastern Railway Station – Kőbánya Upper Railway Station

Investor: National Infrastructure Development Corporation
Client: VASÚTVILL Ltd.
Contractor: Homlok Építő Zrt.
Start of construction: 4th of December 2020
Expected completion of construction: 31st of December, 2021

Brief description of the project:

In connection with the reconstruction of the Rákos-Hatvan line section, a decision was made to implement the project for the construction of the 3rd railway track, safety installation, engineering structure, building construction, electric overhead line, noise protection works between Eastern railway and Kőbánya Upper Railway Station.

For the order of VASÚTVILL Ltd., Homlok Zrt. has entered into a contract as a subcontractor for the complete construction of the railway track and platform construction works.

Main technical content:

  • construction of a new 3rd track with a total length of 3 km, suitable for a speed of 80 km / h between Eastern railway and Kőbánya Upper Railway Station;
  • complete reconstruction of platform “B” of Kőbánya Upper Railway Station: demolition of 1500 m2 platform cover, platform filling of 950 m2 and construction of 2 x 270 m long platform edge from L-55 type prefabricated elements;
  • installation of 10 groups of turnouts at Budapest Keleti railway station and 1 group of turnouts at Kőbánya Upper Railway Station;
  • construction of necessary rubble drain, and the placement of various types of cable ducts;
  • Before track construction, the necessary clearing tasks of thickets and shrubs and performing demolition work;
  • installation of an energy-digesting bumper at the end of the X. dead-end track of the Eastern Railway Station

The project will be implemented with the use of European Union funds and also with the support of the Hungarian State, within the framework of the Integrated Transport Development Operational Program and the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

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